Justine 'Judd' Walsh

  • Professional Early Childhood Consultant
  • Playworker

Judd Walsh has been a Professional Early Childhood Consultant at Journey into Play for the last six years. Being mentored by Marc over the last 3 years Judd is one of Australia's newest breed of Playworker specialising in loose parts play with a particular interest in Pop-Up Playgrounds (PuP's).

Judd says "To me #playiseverything and my role at Malarkey PLAYwork means that this is how I fill my days ...I have the best job EVER! 

Contact me - judd@malarkeyplaywork.com.au

Marc Armitage

  • Managing Director
  • Professional Playworker
  • Professional Children's Play Consultant

Managing Director of Malarkey Playwork; Marc Armitage is an internationally renowned professional, UK trained Playworker, writer and researcher in children's play. Popular under the social media name Marc Armitage at Play, he is one of Australia’s most respected and knowledgeable children’s play consultant’s. Marc regularly travels the world lecturing, researching, consulting and imparting his knowledge on the importance of playing in learning in both school and non school sectors and Marc’s knowledge of Playwork is second to no-one currently working and consulting in Australia. 

Marc says, "I’ve made Australia my home although I am still travelling the world promoting Playwork as a way of working for and with children and young people. But it’s warmer here than some other places I can name ... oh wait, I forgot - I’m living in Melbourne!” - Marc