Malarkey Playwork is a training, advocacy and enabling body for the Play and Playwork sectors established in Melbourne, Australia in 2013. We work with professionals and sectors who work for and with children and young people of all ages. This includes training, professional development, consultancy, resources and support for those working in the children and young people's workforce.

Playwork is a very specific type of work distinctive from other ways of working with children in a number of ways, particularly in the very hands-off style of adult interaction with children that is at the core of playwork. It is an approach that has, up until now, not been taught to our early years, school and youth sectors educators in Australia. Through Malarkey Playwork we are bringing the importance of children's play back to the forefront of playing and learning right around Australia.

Learning to look at play through the eyes of a Playworker will teach you to better understand what it is children do in those times and places they are free to make their own choices when playing ... it is not about what we think they do or what we would like them to do but what they actually do!

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