Are you ready to put the ING back into PLAY?

The National Play and Playwork Conference is the only event in Australia dedicated to all things play, playing and Playwork ... and nothing else!

It presents us with the one chance in the year to meet, network, share and learn from each other on this single subject that is at the heart of children and young people's lives.

So check out what we have to offer you this year. Details of the Conference Program, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, off-site visits, special events and how to book your tickets and breakout sessions can be found below. 

#PLAYconf2017 #YAYforPLAY


Top Notch Speakers

We have a great bunch of speakers and sessions for you at the Second National Play and Playwork Conference with something for everyone. Most of our choices of break-out session are suitable for everyone; others provide more specialist topics for ECE, Primary School and OOSH educators, as well as parents, parks and playgrounds people, policy and local government officers, and Playworkers.

You can view or download a copy of the full Conference Program here

You can also view all the summaries of the keynotes and break-out sessions here or over at the Conference Facebook page

Session Profiles

Here you will find listed details of all the Keynote Presentations, Break-out Sessions and Off-Site Visits.

Have a good read of these and then pre-book your Break-out Session choices below.


Bruce McLachlan - Saturday Opening Keynote - Resilience, risk & ridiculous rules  png/479kB
Robyn Munro Miller - Friday Closing Keynote - Play is a 4 letter word  png/500kB
Marc Armitage - Friday Opening Keynote - Putting the ING back into PLAY - how do we do that?  png/454kB
Friday & Saturday off-site visits: a garden, a nature playpark & an adventure playground  png/870kB
Friday & Saturday off-site visits: a garden, a nature playpark & an adventure playground  png/870kB
Sonia Moloney - The story the clay told  png/428kB
Therese Joyce - The science of play  png/423kB
Tania Moloney - So you want to get outdoors more often?  png/514kB
Sonia Moloney - Care factor: a closer look at staff selfcare & burnout  png/434kB
Robyn Munro Miller - creating playful communities  png/502kB
Rebecca Thompson - Don't fight the urge! responding to schema  png/526kB
Natalie Smith - Insight into boys play  png/395kB
Marcus Veerman - The impact of play just can't be measured: debunking the myth  png/532kB
Lynne Rayner & Scott Norris - From conference to culture: our journey into the world of play  png/499kB
Kellie Johnson & Zoe Davis - stop floccinaucinihilipilificating your life away  png/423kB
Rebeca Garrigan & Karen Jeffery - No running, hitting, climbing, jumping, hiding!  png/491kB
Karen Broomfield & Team Tugulawa Early Ed - From 'serve & protect' to 'competent & capable'  png/454kB
Gerda Foster - Messsages from prison: too little too late  png/464kB
Daniel Burton & Trudi Bennett - Sensory risk taking  png/541kB
Clare Crew - Unschooling: a recipe fpr play & learning  png/324kB
Anna Meadows - Playing, playgrounds and sensory maturation   png/483kB
Anna Demarco - The sky is our roof  png/483kB
Angie Robins - So they just play all day?  png/346kB
Aasta Dearnaley - But it's so messy!  png/554kB
Lizzy Fleming - The story of an adventure playground  png/502kB
Sandi Pheonix - All in a days play  png/381kB


Pre-Book Your Break-Out Sessions Here

To book your choice of Break-Out Sessions please use the drop down menu below. All session numbers can be found in the Session Profiles above or on the full Conference Program here.

If you have not booked your Conference Tickets yet you can do so here.



Off-Site Visits run Friday and Saturday DURING BREAK-OUT SESSIONS 1/2 and 4/5 so if you book an Off-Site please do not chose any other session in Breakouts 1/2 and 4/5. 

Although we will try our very best not to make changes to the published program please note that we cannot guarantee this so the programe may be subject to changes and cancellations right up to the day of the conference.

Each Break-Out session has a maximum number of seats and pre-booking will be paused if we hit that number. More places will be available for breakout sessions in the final week before the conference and on the day itself.

Places for the Off-Site visits on Friday and Saturday are strictly limited and only available to advance bookings on a first come first served basis.

#PLAYconf2017 #YAYforPLAY

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